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SRCC Transformation and Development

In 2006, SRCC realized the need to embark on a project which would encourage emerging farmers, both established and developing, to invest in the Sundays River Valley. This resulted in a BEE strategy which focused on land reform. The purpose of the BEE project is to oversee the establishment of successful emerging farmers that can take up shareholding in the company. This establishment of successful emerging farmers, who can take up shareholding in SRCC, will result in SRCC becoming a company that has transformed and will also facilitate effective land reform in the Sundays River Valley.
SRCC is proud of its BEE projects – for more information, please download our SRCC Transformation Times publications.

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Sundays River Citrus Company (Pty) Ltd

Postal Address: Private Bag 24, Addo,SOUTH AFRICA, 6105

Tel: +27 (042) 233 0320  |  Fax: +27 (042) 233 0014

SRCC Marketing (Pty) Ltd

Postal Address:  Private Bag 24, Addo, SOUTH AFRICA, 6105
Tel: +27 (087) 700 4462  |  Fax: +27 (086) 680 5508


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