About SRCC

Growing together in citrus since 1924.


Who we are

From our humble beginnings way back in 1924, we have grown into the largest grower, packer and exporter of South African citrus. Respected internationally as a trusted supplier of citrus, we reliably service your citrus programs, be it overseas or at home, with great quality fruit.

All our citrus is exclusively grown in the famous Sundays River Valley. “The Valley” is exceptionally blessed in beauty and all the requirements needed to produce the finest tasting citrus. Indeed, it is said that the very best lemons, in the world, are produced right here in the Sundays River Valley.

We are proudly owned by our growers.

Our Values

Honest, straight-forward and down-to-earth. We may be the biggest, but we do not rest on our laurels. Sustainability, innovation and continuous improvement are at the heart of our business. 


We take every relationship very seriously and we cherish the many long standing friendships we have with our producers and customers.

Attention to detail ensures that your fruit is carefully and efficiently handled throughout the supply chain.

Our Valley

Stretching as far as the eye can see, from Addo in the South and to Kirkwood in the North, is an evergreen citrus paradise that lies along the banks of the Sundays River.

The soil and climate are ideal for citrus trees. Blessed with abundant water, warm sunny summer days and mild winters the Valley is the go-to production area for great tasting citrus.

We Empower!

We, together with our growers take transformation in the citrus industry very seriously. Working with government, the community and our growers SRCC has developed a proven model to successfully transfer ownership and skills to the local community.




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A brief history

We were established in 1924 as a grower co-operative.


The first experimental planting of citrus takes place in the area.


Korhaans Drift Irrigation Scheme completed, this brings 4 176ha under irrigation.


Darling Dam completed, but due to drought the dam only fills in 1928.


The Sundays River Citrus Co-operative Company established.


First packhouse is built in Addo.


Our second packhouse is built in Kirkwood.


Kirkwood packhouse burns down.


Orange-Fish water tunnel completed.


Kirkwood packhouse is rebuilt/replaced with what is still today the biggest packhouse in the country.


Hermitage packhouse completed.


First democratic elections held in SA.


Summerville Packhouse completed.


SA Citrus industry is de-regulated.


BEE Projects started.


Investment in Venco, a juice processing plant.


Investment in Addo Coldstore.


New state-of-the-art pack line completed in Kirkwood.

Sundays River Citrus Company (Pty) Ltd

Postal Address: Private Bag 24, Addo,SOUTH AFRICA, 6105

Tel: +27 (042) 233 0320  |  Fax: +27 (042) 233 0014

SRCC Marketing (Pty) Ltd

Postal Address:  Private Bag 24, Addo, SOUTH AFRICA, 6105
Tel: +27 (087) 700 4462  |  Fax: +27 (086) 680 5508


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