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SRCC Foundation Trust

The SRCC Foundation has been involved in various community development programs in the Valley and projects for 2016 are as follows:

Masiphathisane Crèche – Msengeni Township, Kirkwood

We have revamped most of the crèche by building on a kitchen and fitting ceilings, gutters, water tanks, flooring, kitchen equipment & painting. Play park equipment for outdoor activities have been provided. The headmistress/teacher has started her next course and on completion she they will be able to cater for children up to Grade R. The Foundation has paid for the course and also provides her with a monthly stipend from which she has to pay her own materials, transport and accommodation to attend these classes in Port Elizabeth.

Financial assistance schools

Over the past number of years we have been supporting three of the schools in our area which have proved to be well run administratively and are able to supply proper schooling, financially.

SRCC has a bursary program fo worthy students in the Valley to enable them to obtain the tuition they deserve.This is a new program and the necessary process of screening for these will be undertaken in the near future.

The Sundays River Primary School has been running in this exceptional and prestigious eisteddfod event aimed at students from all schools from the Eastern for the last 4 years where pupils are adjudicated on their various forms of art and craft by professional adjudicators. The Foundation has played a small part in the funding of this very successful weeklong event during 2015 which drew participants from as far afield as East London. This is high profile event and as it stretches over a full week, gives massive focus on sponsorship.

Advisory to schools in townships
We have been involved in an advisory capacity to various schools in our area regarding different projects they envisage and with funding from outside sources. This includes obtaining quotes, architects, builders and equipment at the lowest possible prices to enable the investment made can stretch further.

Sport Development
We have supported various sport development in the townships and at some of the schools in the form of clothing, medals, rugby poles and in advisory capacity. Through a private donation, we were able to provide a full kit of clothing and balls for the Grade 7 pupils at Vusumzi School.

Provision of Vitamin & Mineral Tablets 

The provision of these tablets to the personnel during the winter months, which is also our busiest time at the pack houses, has proved to bolster the health of our staff and has had a positive effect in curbing absenteeism.

Soup Kitchens
• Centre of Hope Soup Kitchen – Aqua Park
This Soup Kitchen tries to supply approximately 150 servings of soup to the needy about 3 times a week depending on availability of food. We have supplied a gas burner, gas, pots, working table and utensils to enable the making of the soup. Recently we have supplied them with a water tank and gutters to ensure constant water supply.
We are supporting them financially with a monthly donation to help with the purchase of food.
• Bubele Service Centre – Beersheba Township
We have purchased a gas burner, 19Kg gas bottle and gas, but they still need a work table, pots and utensils. As the water supply to this area in Beersheba has been erratic to non-existent, we need to see whether a tank and gutters can be supplied to alleviate their dependency on municipal water.
We are supporting them financially with a monthly donation to help with the purchase of food.

We have established a fully integrated recycling plant in the Valley whereby all recyclable material can be processed at the plant which is on the SRCC premises and virtually all pack houses supply their materials. A number of shops and schools have bought into the recycling idea and are also supplying their materials. This plant which is being run by The Waste Trade Company has been able to supply employment to quite a number of people on a permanent basis as well as some casuals when needed. They also work hand in glove with the people on the dump sites and these are being remunerated according to their collection and separation of materials.

Community Development Forum
A Community Development Forum was established during 2013. This forum is a platform whereby all interested parties is brought together to work and aid towards a common goal.
Parties already involved in training and education are SRCC Foundation Trust , Mayibuye Trust, Thembalethu Trust, Sun Citrus, Habata Farms, Sanparks and NMMU.

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