SRCC Foundation Trust - hands on in the Sundays River Valley

The SRCC Foundation is involved in various community development programs in the Sundays River Valley

Masiphathisane Crèche – Msengeni Township, Kirkwood

SRCC Foundation has provided funding and overall support to Masipathisane Crèche and its staff since 2009. The children are very well taken care of and funding towards the continued education of the Teacher in charge remains a priority.

Financial assistance schools
Three deserving schools in the Sundays River Valley (SRV) are supported annually by the SRCC Foundation. Funding is channelled towards the education of learners from the townships in the SRV in order to provide them with opportunities otherwise out of their reach.

Columba Leadership Academy
The SRCC Foundation is also busy in discussion with a local High School in the area in order to commence with a leadership initiative through the Columba Leadership Academy. The whole basis of this programme revolves around developing and equipping learners with essential values and leadership skills within a group of 12 (twelve) carefully selected Grade 10 learners. The selection criteria applied in order to make the selection of the 12 learners, is not based merely on top academic achievements but on other characteristics including leadership potential.

IGEMS Bursaries for 2 Engineering Students
The SRCC Foundation makes significant contributions towards various aspects relating to education with specific focus
in 2018 on Bursaries and Leadership Development. Together with Unity in Africa, SRCC Foundation will be supporting two matriculants who are embarking on engineering studies through the IGEMS programme.

Support for Sisters of Mercy
The Foundation recently took a decision to assist the Sisters of Mercy with their ongoing efforts towards trying to ensure that the children in the Valley do not go hungry. This takes the form of funding the cost of refilling the gas bottles which needs to be done every 2nd month.

Kids on The Move - Bus Project 

One of the key challenges facing children in rural areas, is the lack of transport provided by government, and the Eastern Cape is arguably the worst effected Province in this regard. In recognising this need, the SRCC Foundation launched the “Kids on the move” project. In May 2017 we acquired our first bus (a 23 seater), which is due to be paid off by the end of August 2018. We are now on a drive to raise funding for our 2nd bus (a 60 seater).

Soup Kitchens
• Centre of Hope Soup Kitchen – Aqua Park
This Soup Kitchen tries to supply approximately 150 servings of soup to the needy about 3 times a week depending on availability of food. We have supplied a gas burner, gas, pots, working table and utensils to enable the making of the soup. Recently we have supplied them with a water tank and gutters to ensure constant water supply.
We are supporting them financially with a monthly donation to help with the purchase of food.
• Bubele Service Centre – Beersheba Township
We have purchased a gas burner, 19Kg gas bottle and gas, but they still need a work table, pots and utensils. As the water supply to this area in Beersheba has been erratic to non-existent, we need to see whether a tank and gutters can be supplied to alleviate their dependency on municipal water.
We are supporting them financially with a monthly donation to help with the purchase of food.

We have established a fully integrated recycling plant in the Valley whereby all recyclable material can be processed at the plant which is on the SRCC premises and virtually all pack houses supply their materials. A number of shops and schools have bought into the recycling idea and are also supplying their materials. This plant which is being run by The Waste Trade Company has been able to supply employment to quite a number of people on a permanent basis as well as some casuals when needed. They also work hand in glove with the people on the dump sites and these are being remunerated according to their collection and separation of materials.

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